Monday, June 1, 2009

VS Exhibit piece.

Hey everyone, just finished wrapping up my stuff for the gallery show this coming weekend. But here are the info and directions of the event:

Opening Reception Takes Place Friday, June 5 at The Windup Space in Station North

Baltimore-based artists working in the visual entertainment fields of video games, comic books and illustration will exhibit their personal work in VS., a new gallery show at The Windup Space during the month of June. An opening reception for VS. takes place Friday, June 5 from 7-9 p.m. at the bar, music and arts venue located at 12 W. North Ave. in the heart of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. The show closes July 31.

Each of the 14 artists in the exhibition will interpret the theme of conflict from a fine art perspective. It may be literal -- Bigfoot vs. Cookie Monster -- or conceptual -- Nature vs. Nurture.

For more information about The Windup Space, visit

Here is a small preview but they will be individually framed for the show (13 x 19. ) They were a lot of fun to work on and look forward to seeing everyone's work this Friday!


Typhron said...


(It's that Axl Player. The one Dan hangs out with, and isn't very good.)

Ashlee Williams said...

Hello. My name's Ashlee, and I met you at the VS exhibit yesterday. Because of my interest in children's book illustration I was particularly drawn to your work; the way you play with shapes in your design really adds life and personality to your characters, and it was great to study both the work you included in the show and the work on your blog.

It was a pleasure to speak with you, and if you have the time I'd love to hear any advice you have to offer about areas to improve in my own work, or any tips about working in the industry. Thank you!

FENTON said...

Hey Man how you doing. Love the new heading to the con this year.

DENt said...

yo kenji man.

Damn..! Everything has such fun shapes. Like the skull smoke and word bubble. So shapely! haha

I dig your new paint technique. Soft rendered forms with a crisp ass highlight

The show sounds fun. Jenecio and Mclean representing.

peace man!


kenjibliss said...

Thanks for the comments you guys :)

Ashlee: If you can send me an email at I can get back to you :) Was nice meeting you at the show too.

Fenton: Hey dude! Yes, I will be attending SDCC this year and will be coming around Thursday. We missed out last year but can't wait to see you there man :) I will be with Josh and the gang but I will email you my cell number today.

Den: Hey bro, thanks and really had tons of fun with this one. Btw, I saw your stuff on your site recently and it's really fun! I was looking through and didn't see the Alice in Wonderland redesign, those were some fun designs dude and really enjoyed the robots and sketches. :)

TH3DEN said...

Sounds like a cool exhibit man. Really liking these designs, that bird thing is freakin awesome!

JAIR said...

-DUDe wish i could have been there to see it.

-May i say that i thoroughly enjoy the soft stylings of these mad shapes composed with such a beautiful palette!

-post more work... ;)

Ryan DeMita (DeMita San) said...

Hey Kenji!

Long time, no see bro. Really beautiful piece man. As always, I love the shapes and colors, everything. You're really hitting on some very awesome stuff. Hope all is well out east. Hit me up some time and we'll catch up. Later bro!


FENTON said...

Yo, It wise nice to put a face to all the awesome art!! We'll for sure have to do dinner or something next year or hang out even sooner...I might get some forced extended vacation soon, so maybe the fam and I will take a trip out to the east coast and say hello

Nathan Fowkes said...

Hi Kenji, nice to meet you at comicon. Your designs look great.

FENTON said...

yo man when you throwing something new up?

Danny Araya said...

hey dude, good seein you at comic con! Wish we could have hung out more, but next time I'm making Jon come along.

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